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Central Texas Professional Organizers is excited to help bring peace to your home by working with you to declutter, organize, and create functional spaces and routines for you and your family.

About Us


Gwen French

Gwen French is the founder of Central Texas Professional Organizers. Gwen's 11-year teaching career as well as opportunities working alongside friends and family, helped to develop her skills in decluttering and designing spaces to optimize function as well as in creating routines that use time effectively. Gwen uses those skills today to help bring simple, organized solutions to homes throughout the Central Texas region; she looks forward to seeing how she can help you bring peace into your decluttered home! CTPO was recently featured in TexAppeal magazine as well as the Parade of Homes guide

Blaine French

Blaine French is the administrator for Central Texas Professional Organizers. Blaine has worked at several start-up organizations and is excited to support Gwen in delivering superior service to Central Texas.

Shara Lane

Shara has a background in accounting, so attention to detail is nothing new for her. Shara developed a love for home organization while raising her own family. She studied various organizational methods and developed simple, workable systems.

After realizing the many benefits of an organized and simplified home, Shara began to share her skills with others. She helps clients declutter and regain space back in their homes which also gives them time back for their lives. Shara and her husband, Bryan, live in Temple, and they have four kids.


“Gwen is an outstanding organizer.  She is task oriented and a delight to have help you.  She encourages you to make decisions without pushing you.  She also knows where to donate your things and takes them for you.  I can’t imagine doing this work without her.  She is a blessing!” -Diane

“Gwen is enthusiastic, prepared, and is able to take any space and organize it-often using containers you already have on hand!  She came prepared with terrific ideas, used her time effectively, and has a clear knowledge of organizing.  I had recently remodeled my kitchen and was struggling where to put things with new space available.  She exceeded my expectations.  Highly recommend!” -Cheryl

“I have used Gwen on a few projects and she always helps me to see things in a different way.  She is great to work with and has great functional ideas to make a space work!  I really struggle myself to organize but using her service gave me the confidence and drive to do more on my own.  I had a junk closet that she helped identify a theme for and was the perfect change that I couldn’t come up with on my own.  I highly recommend her!” -Jennifer

“Gwen was a Godsend! Starting with a closet, she helped me sort through years of stuff I had carried from home to home. I was able to let go of many things I was no longer using or enjoying and then with her expert direction, put the remaining items in order so I no longer dreaded the sight of them. Time and again, she proved her ability to sort and categorize and neatly arrange, and when I let her loose on my garage, she really shined! From shoes to tools, books to linens, she genuinely enjoys creating order and making your space both functional and attractive.” -Carrie

“The decision to work with Central Texas Professional Organizers and Gwen French was one of the best decisions of my life. I could never say thank you enough for the peace that Gwen helped me bring to my home. She never made me feel uncomfortable about my current disorganization but just chose uplifting and kind words to help me move through the organizing process. Not only did she help me with the project at hand, she also taught me skills to help me work on other areas of my home beyond our time together. I would recommend her and her company to anyone looking for help to bring order to the chaos of disorganization that might be weighing them down!”  -Chelsie

"Gwen and central texas professional organizers have been such a blessing to me and my family! We have been accumulating things in our 22 years of marriage and I needed some help pairing things down. It’s not my natural inclination to do so and Gwen came in and made me feel at ease about the overwhelming undertaking of getting organized. We started with the office and moved to the pantry then laundry room. Now I’m ready to tackle the garage. I am so thankful for this amazing company! They have made my life easier and I feel lot more organized!" -Ann

"Gwen has helped me out twice with organization; once with my garage & once with my guest room! I was able to work so much more productive and efficient with her guidance and recommendations! I was pregnant and just barely postpartum when she came & she dealt with my emotions exceptionally well & never made me feel judged even though I’m sure I was not the easiest to work with. Each time she was here, I felt a tremendous sense of relief and organization once we were finished. I definitely recommend her to anyone trying to minimize or organize like I so desperately am!" -Lyss

"Gwen was SO amazing and such a huge help with me!!! She is so sweet and not judgmental at all. After having twins, my house organization has gotten a little (ok a lot) out of control!!! It was not really in control to begin with, actually. Anyways, I paid for four 3-hour sessions, and she helped me completely tackle and organize my kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and twins’ room!!! My house finally feels functional after 16 months of my twins being here!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Gwen and her services!" -Glynis

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