Our Process

Step One: Free Consultation

Our free home-organizing consultations can be done in person, over the phone, or via text. We use this opportunity to discuss your goals for your space, including what is working and what is not. If the consultation is not done in person, we will ask for digital pictures of the area of your home you would like to address. Lastly, we will give you an estimate as to how many sessions we think will be required to complete the job. When you decide to proceed, we'll book your first 3-hour session! After it is scheduled, you will receive our contract electronically to review and sign before we begin our work together.

Step Two: The Session

Your organizer will arrive at your home on the scheduled date and time, ready to jump right in!

Every session has four parts:

1. Pull and Sort: We will pull everything out of the current space and sort it into categories as we go.

Please note: We will gladly do this task with you, or you can do it yourself before we arrive for our session. If you choose to do it yourself, we will give you detailed instructions on how to do it most effectively.

2. Minimize and Maximize: This will be the hardest part for some. Together we will look at each category of items and determine which items will stay and which will be donated or trashed/recycled. Don't worry; we have a tried and true system we use to help you through this process with no judgment or pressure. We are here to support you as you make decisions and help you reach your end goal for that particular space. We know after working with hundreds of clients that less is more!

3. Contain and Designate: This is our favorite part and the point in our session that you can sit back and relax. If you already have bins/baskets/tubs available in your home, we're happy to use those! If additional storage items are necessary, we will suggest some products that would work best for your space. You can either purchase them with links we provide, pick out your own that follow the criteria we discussed, or we can take it off your hands and do the shopping for you (you will be responsible for a direct reimbursement). Once we have all the storage products gathered, we will work to organize each category, including labeling containers as needed. Lastly, we will also develop a plan for where each category will go when items are returned to the space; this is called "zoning."

4. Implement: Before returning your contained items to the proper space, we will help with cleaning the area (including wiping down shelves, sweeping the floor, etc.) as needed. Items will then be placed back into the space in a logical and functional way that will be easy for everyone to maintain. We will constantly keep your goal for the space in mind, ensuring you get a space that works for YOU.

Step Three: Maintenance

Immediately following our session, we will discuss the best ways to use and maintain the space.

At any point after the session, even if it's been years, we are here to offer reminders and encouragement so that you can enjoy the space you worked so hard to achieve. If something is not working, we will help devise a new solution to fit you and your family better.